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Touch smart screen is an intelligent display screen with touch interaction function. It is usually equipped with a high-resolution display screen and touch sensors, which can be operated by fingers or specific touch pens. The touch smart screen can be used in various scenarios, such as home entertainment, office meetings, education and training, etc. It can achieve multi touch, handwriting input, drawing, drag and drop operations, providing a more intuitive and convenient user experience. By connecting to the network, the touch smart screen can also achieve functions such as information push, online video viewing, and application download, becoming an important component of modern smart home and smart office.

BOE feature image 1 Internet of Things Innovation Leader Opening the Future of Intelligent Touch optimized

BOE 65″ Smart Screen: Elevating Visual Clarity and Touch Experience for Diverse Applications

The BOE 65 “smart screen has a 4K resolution, clear and realistic image quality, and an ultra-high screen ratio of>98%. Equipped with BOE’s self-developed OGM capacitive touch technology, the touch performance is better, supporting 10 finger touch, and the interactive experience is smooth. The glass back panel technology is overlaid with full fit technology, truly achieving a lightweight and beautiful appearance.

A lighter structure, narrower borders, and smoother touch experience help large-sized touch display solutions match more scene needs. From remote conferences to home entertainment teaching, large-sized touch displays will be more widely used in business and daily life scenarios.

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BOE’s C3 Series: Cutting-Edge AI-Powered Smart All-in-One Machines Revolutionizing Enterprise Connectivity and Collaboration

The C3 series of smart all-in-one machines is a multifunctional IoT smart terminal equipped with AI technology, independently developed, designed, and produced by BOE. The C3 series integrates large screen displays, electronic whiteboards, and remote conferences, providing users with multi industry and multi-scenario applications, which is an indispensable part of enterprise information upgrading.

1. JD ADSDS hard screen technology, original factory screen, ultimate color, high visual angle, and low latency;

2. 65~98 inch full size coverage, providing wall and floor implementation plans, suitable for various usage environments;

3. Android 13 deep customization, 8-core CPU, 8GB+64GB configuration compatible with more third-party applications, providing developers with a larger stage;

4. 40 point infrared touch, high book writing accuracy, combined with BOE’s note taking acceleration algorithm to reduce writing delay to less than 30ms, providing industry-leading touch experience;

5. Built in 48 million cameras, 8 array microphones, supporting intelligent noise reduction, intelligent framing, and speaker tracking;

6. The Android system is equipped with Tencent Conference Rooms Enterprise Edition and is compatible with mainstream cloud video conferencing applications;

7. With a front Type-C interface, one line can meet the requirements of 4K same screen, terminal reverse control, audio amplifier, and camera pickup call, perfectly solving the problem of enterprise private cloud conferences not being able to run on the large screen end;

8. Support for converting handwritten data into charts, generating results through handwritten formulas, and providing real-time translation capabilities in over 100 languages.

BOE feature image 3 Internet of Things Innovation Leader Opening the Future of Intelligent Touch optimized

BOE Breaks Design Barriers with the 13.3 Moire Free Touch Screen: A Revolution in OGM Display Technology

The BOE 13.3 Moire Free touch screen has broken through design barriers for the first time. Based on the Tyson polygon principle, it adopts a non periodic double-layer random grid pattern as the sensor design solution for OGM, avoiding the possibility of moire patterns from the mechanism. When paired with any display module LCM, it truly achieves Moire Free and solves the long-term pain points of the OGM display industry.

In addition, the sensor unit and wiring of the BOE 13.3 Moire Free touch screen this time also adopts pure aluminum technology, with a material resistance as low as 0.1 Ω/□, which has a smoother touch experience compared to conventional alloy technology. At the same time, the metal layer also incorporates an IZO substrate blackening process, with a minimum reflectivity of up to 5% or less. It has an ultimate vanishing effect, making the screen look like a black screen in a resting state, integrating touch and display.