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Saivytech offers a wide range of solutions with customizable options, a variety of sizes, and advanced optical bonding technology. Our products are designed to meet the diverse needs of industries such as industrial control, self-service kiosks, advertising, gaming, treatment, transportation & logistics, and outdoor areas.

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Self-Service Ticketing Terminal

Nowadays, there are two ways for people to purchase tickets: online and offline. However, offline tickets can be purchased manually through windows or through intelligent terminal self-service. Passengers can purchase tickets online by inputting their ID card and selecting a flight number for real name ticketing. They do not need to collect tickets when checking in and entering the venue. You can also use facial recognition self-service cashier terminals to compare faces with ID cards and collect tickets without queuing up at manual windows.
Offline self-service ticket purchase, adding a facial recognition self-service cashier terminal on top of manual ticket sales at the window, can provide passengers with multiple ticket sales methods and alleviate the pressure of manual cashier. 
Passengers can purchase tickets through intelligent terminals, and through on-site “face scanning” and ID card information comparison, they can ensure that the identity card is integrated, and payment can be made after successful identification. The payment method can be mobile payment methods such as scanning the code to pay, brushing the face to pay, and the ticket can be printed immediately or the electronic information of the ticket can be sent to the official account that the passengers pay attention to, making offline ticket purchase more convenient.
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Automotive Charging

High brightness: Most charging stations are installed outdoors, and the brightness of TFT LCD screens needs to be higher than indoors;

Low power consumption: High brightness usually means high energy consumption, and the charging station screen needs to use efficient LED backlight to save energy and reduce heat generation;

  • Wide working temperature: The outdoor temperature can be very high or very low, and heat is also generated during the charging process. Therefore, TFT liquid crystal display modules need to have a wider temperature range;
  • Weather protection: The charging station needs to withstand various weather conditions, and the LCD screen needs to be waterproof, dustproof, UV-resistant and resistant to external impact;
  • High electromagnetic compatibility: There will be serious electromagnetic interference during charging, and the TFT LCD display module must function normally in such an environment.
SaivyTech Solutions image Self service banking solution optimized

Self-service Banking

Customizable development can be carried out according to customer requirements. Optical Bonding technology can meet the requirements of transmittance, AG surface correspondence, outdoor anti-reflection, customizable high brightness, intelligent safety, low failure rate, and durability, which are very important.

To meet market demand, we have developed industrial touch screen LCD displays ranging from 10.1″ to 17″ for easy installation and maintenance. These monitors can work continuously and stably for 24 hours, 365 days a year, and even operate normally in harsh environments.

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Industrial LCD displays are used in industries with various display sizes, installation methods, etc. Unlike ordinary LCD displays, it can adapt to extreme environments, operate stably, and have a long service life.
The main difference between civil and commercial displays is that the outer shell design is generally made of all steel, and the panels are divided into different materials, such as ordinary iron plate, stainless iron, aluminum panel, stainless steel, etc. The special design is dustproof and shockproof, and industrial grade LCD displays are used.
SaivyTech Solutions image Vehicle display solutions optimized

Vehicle Display

As digitalization continues to advance, displays are becoming a key differentiator in modern car interiors and the most important interface for driver-vehicle interaction. Ever-changing user needs and new technologies have made cockpit interior design innovative.

Our main features are sunlight readability, high brightness, IP65 dustproof and waterproofing solution, as well as Optical Bonding specific and rich interface configurations that can meet your needs. The vibration response and stability are very stable,

With rich technical knowledge and long-term experience in the field of instrumentation, Saivytech is a leading innovator in automotive display solutions.

SaivyTech Solutions image Vending machine solutions optimized

Vending Machine

This is an embedded capacitive touch all-in-one device that can be combined with Windows and Android systems. The installation surface is flat, with a beautiful appearance, and it can be used for outdoor surface waterproof function. It can be read in sunlight. The optical bonding process also increases the product’s transmittance, better heat dissipation performance and long service life, and supports increasing brightness.


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